We offer a comprehensive range of tar surfacing and brick paving services suitable for commercial, industrial and domestic clientele. Our constant drive for quality and operational flexibility have evolved us to be one of the leading paving contractors.

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Tar Surfacing

Offering machine laid & hand laid asphalt and macadam road surfacing services. Whether thinking of laying asphalt or tar on a completely new road or resurfacing an existing road, we have the expertise to deliver asphalt road construction services at affordable rates.

Pavement Maintenance
Brick Paving

Block pavements are a very popular choice providing a durable, attractive and hard wearing surface for any driveway. Once laid block paving is easy to maintain and provide a surface with high scuff resistance and good drainage.

Brick Paved Driveway
Integrated Services

Get these services as a single package. Intellect Africa Group, together with its strategic partners delivers it all within the required timeframe, be it a big or small project.

road marking sandblasting signage
Broad Overview
  • Providing asphalt surfacing, brick paving or kerbing solutions.
  • Constructing sheds for your office parks or parking lots.
  • Marking surfaces using specialised machinery, be it national roads or car parks.
  • Providing accounting related services for your company.