Intellect Africa Group is a road markings contractor delivering unique services to both the private and public sector. We provide clients with friendly and professional services, in line with our founders’ values and ambitions. Moreover, in the past years we have built a reputation of being a reliable and diligent road marking contractor.

IAG pride in its road surface markings work; therefore, we have developed a culture of continuously train our workforce. In line with the training provided, our line markers are abreast with the new industry developments. 

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Road Markings

SA road markings is one of the specialised segment within the road construction or road works service lines. With an experienced and professional team of road line markers, we offer a wide range of road surface markings to both the private and public sector. We provide retroreflective road markings on the following applications:

  • Thermoplastic painting
  • Solvent borne painting
  • Water borne painting
  • Coldplastic painting

Warehouse Floor Markings

Compliance has become the biggest issue for factories and warehouse over the past years. It is to the company benefit that its working environment is compliant with the industry requirements. All thanks to our factory safety markings and warehouse demarcation services. At IAG we offer a comprehensive range of polyurethane floor painting services ranging from:

  • Floor line markings
  • Customisable safety signs
  • Basement parking line markings
  • Floor special characters

Specialised Line Markings

Over and above road markings, floor markings and the removal of line markings by sandblasting, we also provide specialised line marking services ranging from:

  • Parking lots markings
  • Airports or airfields markings
  • Shopping malls markings
  • Intersections markings
  • Sport fields markings
  • School playgrounds markings

Taking COLTO and SADC specifications to the ground.