Road Maintenance

Sandblasting existing pavement lines

Our Heritage

Proud of our heritage, we give friendly, approachable and a quality driven professional service which consistently delivers on our founders’ ambition and have built an impressive reputation as a reliable and conscientious road maintenance services to a wide range of clients from different angles of the industry.

We have built an impressive reputation as a reliable and conscientious road line marking company to a diverse range of industries. All of our workforce are continuously trained to the highest industry standards. Combined with the use of specialised road maintenance machinery quality is a guarantee.

Like all other surfaces, brick paved surfaces require maintenance from time to time quite more than that of asphalt surfaces. Due to normal wear and tear or weeds penetrating the pavement, it opens the door to a required maintenance. We offer services for industrial, commercial and residential purposes.

Tar Spraying is a cost-effective way to rejuvenate an old road, path or driveway surface by covering it with a new layer of fresh bitumen. The new coating helps the surface maintain grip and fights wear and tear, as well as visually refreshing your faded surface back to jet-black.

We understand that potholes on road surfaces pose a legitimate danger to motorists. Therefore, road maintenance solutions tailored to repair hollows or depressions reduces the cost of laying new asphalt when the surface has deteriorated beyond repair. At IAG we offer efficient pothole repair solutions on concrete or asphalt surfaces. This service is dependent on the level of deterioration of the bituminous surfaces of the associated pavements.

Surface dressing is a method of maintaining roads and similar surfaces. Stone chippings and bitumen are layered on top of the existing surface, then flattened by machinery to achieve a great finish. Re-dressing a road surface offers a more cost-effective method than laying new asphalt. It also waterproofs the road and helps fight cracking, potholes and reduces the risk of slippage for both vehicles and pedestrians.

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